b/rad is a Blender based user interface for Radiance.

It is able to export Blender models to Radiance, both static models or animations, to make it easier to setup the simulation parameters, to calculate luminance/illuminance values on arbitrary grids, etc.

To use it, it is required to have working installations of Blender, Python and Radiance. ImageMagick is also useful to convert textures.

There is no automatic installer at the moment, but the istallation is very simple (tested up to Blender 2.49b).

1) Create a brad folder in you preferred location (for instance /opt/brad)

2) Move the content of the tar.gz file into this folder, so that you can see that the brad.py and the brad directory are inside it)

3) Symlink or copy (on Windows you can't symlink) brad.py into .blender/scripts

4) Edit brad.py so that the brad_path variable points to the folder where brad is (for instance /opt/brad)

Restart Blender, and in the scripts menus under "misc" you should find brad and be able to run it.

The .blender directory may be located inside the Blender directory (like /usr/lib/blender on my Debian GNU/linux system) or in the user directory (like ~/ for unix systems or Documents for window systems).

If you still can't see the brad item in the Blender menu, open a scripts window and select "Update Menus".

You can download b/rad from this page [1].

  1. http://www.bozzograo.net/radiance/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file=index&req=viewdownload&cid=1
  2. http://www.bozzograo.net/radiance/index.php?module=Pages&func=display&pageid=1&theme=printer