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 +====== How to compile Radiance using the MinGW tools and Scons ======
 +===== Prerequisites =====
 +==== 1) Download and install Python ====
 +Python for Windows can be downloaded from [[http://www.python.org/download/]].
 +==== 2) Download and install Scons ====
 +Scons is a software building system written in Python and it is downloadable from
 +==== 3) Download and install MinGW ====
 +MinGW is a minimalist GNU software development system, available from [[http://www.mingw.org/download.shtml]].
 +It is a good idea to download and install also [[http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/gzip.htm|gzip]] and [[http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/tar.htm|bsdtar]] to extract the Radiance  source code tarballs from the command line.
 +===== Building Radiance =====
 +The next steps are to download Radiance and to build it using the Scons system.
 +==== 4) Download the source code packages ====
 +The latest Radiance source code can be downloaded from [[http://www.radiance-online.org/software/]]. It is divided into two packages:
 +  - a support pakage: rad3R8supp.tar.gz
 +  - the actual actively developed source code: radiance-HEAD.tgz
 +==== 5) Extract the source code ====
 +Open the Windows Command Prompt (Start/All programs/Accessories/Command Prompt),
 +cd to the folder where the Radiance source tarballs are and expand them using the following commands:
 +  * ''bsdtar zxvf rad3R8supp.tar.gz''
 +  * ''bsdtar zxvf radiance-HEAD.tar.gz''
 +==== 6) Run Scons to build the Radiance binaries ====
 +Change to the ray folder:
 +  * ''cd ray''
 +and launch the build process:
 +  * ''scons build''
 +===== Errors and how to work around them =====
 +As of today  (//2008/04/15 22:04//) the required changes to manage to compile Radiance with MinGW are summarised in the attached ''diff'' file:
 +--- //[[pisuke@tiscali.co.uk|Francesco Anselmo]] 2008/08/31 11:15//
 +The 3R9 Radiance release compiles with the MinGW runtime 3.14 without any change.
 +Guy 2011/06/21
 +The 4R1 Radiance release compiles without any change.
 +Other Radiance related programs:
 +Eulum2ies is a program of Carsten Bauer and can be found here:
 +The program can be compiled using MSYS.
 +Open MSYS shell navigate to the extracted eulum2ies.c file and type make
 +Another program to manipulate ies files:
 +Evalglare can be downloaded here:
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